Commercial Work

Military. Tugs. Ferries. Pilots. Law Enforcement.

Reliable Marine Electronics has always done a lot of commercial work.  From our initial founding over 20 years ago we have been working for some of the biggest names in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Experience gained from commercial contracts, and the high standards expected in the work boat industry both translate into a level of professionalism unmatched in other local service shops.

Enjoy some of our Galleries Below!

R/V Falkor Transducer Work

272' Research Vessel



  • Inspecting 50 kHz transducer and speed doppler
  • Gondola housing for transducers
  • 50 kHz transducer on the face of the gondola
  • various transducer elements under the gondola
  • Port Stabilizer... impressive size

El Lobo Grande Radar - Radar and SSB

127' Tug


  • JRC Open Array Radar
  • JRC Open Array Side View
  • The View from the Dock
  • New VHF and AIS Antennas
  • The El Lobo Grande II Hauled Out at Bay Ship and Yacht Alameda
  • Hauled Out

 We Work on Many Tug Boats

around the Bay

Crowley, Kirby, Starlight, AmNav...


  • Tugs at the Dock
  • Starlight Z4
  • Starlight Tugs at their Dock
  • Starlight Tug with a Coast Guard Cutter in the Background
  • El Lobo Grande II

The San Francisco Bar Pilots

108' Pilot Vessel San Francisco


  • Pilot Vessel San Francisco
  • Pilot Vessel San Francisco
  • Pilot Vessel San Francisco
  • Another Day in the City on the Pilot Boats

Blue and Gold Fleet San Francisco

Ferries, WETA Boats, The Rocket Boat

  • WETA Boat Gemini
  • Gemini next to Mega Yacht SuRi at Bay Ship and Yacht
  • Blue and Gold Fleet: Rocket Boat
  • Blue and Gold Fleet: Rocket Boat
  • One of Blue and Gold's Docks in San Francisco

 Some Larger Commercial Jobs

NOAA Vessel Oscar Dyson,

National Geographic Sea Bird, Army LCU's

among many others!

  • Ian McDaniel Inspecting a Satellite TV Dome on board the Research Vessel Oscar Dyson
  • Roger Nunez Replacing the Sat Compass on board the National Geographic Vessel Sea Bird
  • X Band and S Band Radars on board an Army LCU