FCC Certification / Inspection

Roger Nunez, the owner of Reliable Marine, is an FCC licensed operator/inspector.  As such, Reliable Marine is able to perform the necessary tests on your communication equipment and then issue new certificates that meet Coast Guard Inspection requirements.

FCC Inspections

If you have FCC certificates that are about to expire do not hesitate to make an appointment for a technician to come out to your vessel.  Unfortunately some customers wait til the last minute, or even the day of a Coast Guard inspection, to request certificate renewal.  Keep in mind that the whole point of an FCC inspection is to make a qualitative assessment of all FCC regulated communication equipment.  Although we can perform the necessary tests relatively quickly, if anything fails inspection you will need a window of time to fix the defect before new certificates can be issued.

A typical inspection includes VSWR, power, and frequency tests on all VHF radios; physical inspections of all communication antennas and cabling; inspection of power supplies to make sure back up radio requirements are met; and SSB inspections

Certificate 1

certificate 2