Our shop is set up to be able to test and repair a wide range of electronics.  Even if your faulty equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer there is a chance that we can repair it.

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Our repair work falls into two categories: bench work and troubleshooting calls.

If you want to have a damaged piece of equipment professionally inspected on a budget than the best thing to do is to bring it into our shop.  We are set up with multiple tech benches that can power and test anything you would bring in.  All of the tools are at our disposal at the shop - simulators, antennas, cables, dummy loads, power supplies, and interchangeable parts.

Although we have a lot of tools at our disposal, it is still in your best interest to bring in as much of your system as possible so that we can find out exactly what's wrong (ie, is it the control head or the anemometer that is defective?).

We have a flat rate for a 1 hour bench check.  If what we find is not repairable we will gladly credit any bench fees towards the cost of a new replacement.

For more heavily integrated systems (like an autopilot or radar), it usually requires a troubleshooting call to your boat to find out what is not working.  This is often the more convenient method for customers to have failed electronics tested.