Single Side Band Special!

Were calling it our “Cruiser Special” and it includes:

- iCom M802 SSB Display, Transceiver and external speaker

- iCom AT140 Antenna Tuner

- iCom Transceiver to Tuner Control Cable

- RG213 Cable 30' w/ Connectors

- GTO15 Cable 15' Cable

List Pricing on all of this equipment is $4,500 but our Cruiser Special pricing is $3,000 to include shipping. Tax and Labor Not Included.

Single Side Band (SSB for short) is the best form of long range communication while at sea. With the addition of SSB, you will have the ability to communicate on a global scale, pick up AM radio channels and if you add a modem you can access email! So whether your 5 miles off shore doing the Baja-Haha or 500 miles sailing to Tahiti, don't risk a voyage without SSB capabilities on board.